Motifs of Life Altering Experiences

The manuscript reveals the dynamics of life-altering experiences as collaborative products of unwitting entrainments. Unwitting entrainments synchronizing our motifs can emerge into life-altering experiences. The manuscript strives to depict the ironic timing of synchronized entrainment present in perfect harmony. Taking two extra minutes drinking a Starbucks’s coffee saves a life, creating just enough delay in missing the 9/11 tragedy.

Addictions, divorce, financial ruin, and damaged careers can all result from unwitting entraining of synchronized motifs. Fortuitous as well as disastrous coincidences of synchronizing events are possible outcomes of life-altering experiences. Formativeness of multifaceted motifs lie at the core of good and evil manifestations of events, affecting trauma and triumph. Recognition and utilization techniques through time alteration of future designs highlight multidimensional consciousness of critical factors in survival and transformation.


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Motifs of Life Altering Experiences’ is set for a new marketing push
Dr. Don J. Feeney, Jr. explores inherent organizing motifs in human beings that could help in mastery of lifestyle tasks

CHICAGO – First published in 2008, now revised and republished this 2019 with new advanced material, “Motifs of Life Altering Experiences” (published by Xlibris) offers readers insight on the inherent wholeness of a human being by addressing the internal and external organizing features of synchronizing motifs that provides unification of mind, body, spirit and interaction with the world as a whole.

Feeney believes that man has an inherent organizing design called “motif” that connects and unifies each person’s uniqueness in intricate multiple ways with people, places and events. Such multifaceted interconnections may lead to unwitting tragic, painful traumatic outcomes when they are mindless of how motifs entrain. Learning to master one’s motif through mindful attending and patient self-awareness are important themes and constructs presented in this material.

“Motifs of Life Altering Experiences” explores the hidden domain of organizing motifs as a reality, not a metaphor. It alerts people through increasing awareness of their capacity for both unwitting trauma and triumphant mastery if they learn who they are as a function of their inherent organizing motifs. The book helps people comprehend how they are capable of entrainment without awareness. By understanding the existence of motifs and how they operate, readers will be able to successfully master lifestyle tasks competently.

“While there are writings that refer to unintended consequences, there is nothing that I am aware of that deals with the core capacity for unwitting entrainments we are prone to at such a broad, pervasive level,” the author describes. “I want readers to learn about their capacity to resonate and entrain with endeavors in which they are unwittingly participating. I also want readers to comprehend that mindful mastery of their innate motif’s unique organizing capacity for meaningful lifestyle orchestration sustains their eventual emergence from the ‘eye of their storm,’ victoriously renewed in triumphant synchronization of unique self-motifs.”

“Motifs of Life Altering Experiences: Presence of Unwitting Synchronizations in Times of Trauma and Triumph”
By Dr. Don J. Feeney, Jr.
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 396 pages | ISBN 9781796043303
E-Book | 396 pages | ISBN 9781796043297
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About the Author

Dr. Don J. Feeney, Jr. is the founder and director of Consulting Psychological Services, P.C. in Downers Grove, Illinois, where he functions as a licensed clinical psychologist. He earned his doctorate in counseling psychology from Loyola University Chicago in 1979 and has been fascinated with the study of life purpose dynamics and motifs for more than 40 years. He completed postdoctoral studies at the University of Chicago and attended the Adler Institute of Chicago. He is a certified alcohol and drug counselor, as well as certified in neurolinguistics programming, using Ericksonian hypnosis in his therapy and publications. He has drawn extensively from many theoretical and clinical fields in formulating his particular brand of therapeutic intervention involving healing and sensory motifs. He has published numerous articles on addiction, has been on many national talk shows including Oprah Winfrey, and has published three other books: “Motifs: The Transformative Creation of Self,” “Entrancing Relationships: Exploring the Hypnotic Framework of Addictive Relationships” and “Creating Cultural Motifs Against Terrorism.”